Welcome to Lahore Pest ControlⓇ Service! We are One of the Best Pest Control Company in Lahore, Pakistan, Providing Safe and Effective Pest Control Treatment Services in Lahore. Within a Short Time, We Have Earned a High Reputation in Pest Control in lahore. Keeping, Your Residential and Commercial Complexes Pest-Free, is an Important Requirement at a Time When Various Diseases Seem Always to be Lurking in the Corner. Commonly Found Pests in Pakistan like Insects, Arachnid, Acarid, Rodents, reptiles, birds, molluscs, etc. can not only cause damage to your property, but also can lead to the spread of a wide range of diseases. Lahohre Pest Control Service uses modern equipment and a trained crew to provide comprehensive and long lasting solutions to the nuisance of pests

Our special services, like Free Home Inspection�, best prices as low as Rs. 3 per square feet, etc., modern techniques and equipment, and professional conduct have left our clients satisfied and pest free.

Our core mission is to bring professionalism and the latest methods, in the world, to keep your Residential and Commercial spaces free of every types of pests.


It is quite obvious that when you come across any weird crawlies or reptiles or any other similar eerie creatures you splash the usual bug splash on the same. Have you ever thought how harmful can it be? The bug splash provides a temporary solution leaving an adverse effect on you and your family’s health especially on kids. The chemicals that get emitted while spraying the solutions are detrimental in the long run.

Hence, it is a smart decision to take an expert’s help. Remember, not all experts can provide an effective solution for your problem. We along with our team of professionals provide the best pest control services with our exclusive Eco Friendly Pest Control services.

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