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We welcome you to our company website: Lahore Janitorial and corona disinfection services provide and treatment center. Our experience in the field of environmental health and water treatment is based on the great vocation and dedication of all our workers, and on the trust placed by our clients. We are a multidisciplinary group (engineers, pharmacists and chemists) concerned with innovation and the environment. We appreciate your trust in lahore janitorial disinfection control and treatments, and we invite you to learn about our services from here or by contacting our technical department directly.

It is a technique that aims to destroy contagious disease-producing pathogenic microorganisms that normally come from outside, to prevent their spread. Disinfectants act on active microorganisms, altering their physical and chemical balance and deactivating them. This type of treatment can be virucidal , as in the case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and also bactericidal, fungicidal or sporicidal.!

For the use of disinfectants, it is necessary to have specialized disinfection technicians who know what type of products to use and in which places they have to be applied in order to guarantee the success of disinfection.In Plague Control , among other methods, disinfection is carried out using nebulizers designed to disperse the product into micron-sized particles that remain in the environment until they settle slowly on all treated surfaces

What is Corona disinfection

This practice is acquiring in society a great development of awareness about the risks that can develop without it. Many sectors demand this type of service, since they are a source of infectious organisms that must be treated to avoid contamination. Some of the sectors that most demand this practice are; Places where food is handled or sold, changing rooms, toilets, warehouses, bathroom areas, schools, transporting people, goods or live animals ... Therefore, many of them have the legal obligation to be periodically disinfected by applying specific disinfectants. , in order to prevent the growth and reproduction of harmful organisms. These treatments must be carried out by companies recognized by the autonomous communities in the Ministry of Health..

We have a specialised ‘Corona task force’ in place to manage your urgent requirements and needs during these sensitive times. Our customers are varied from diverse sectors like corporate offices, educational institutions, fitness centers, hospitals, banks as well as luxurious apartments and rural houses.

How do we carry out the treatments??

we guarantee the correct disinfection of the places we treat, We take care of previously cleaning the areas to be treated in cases where it is necessary (without this previous step, disinfection is NOT effective), by means of high pressure or manual washing (depending on the place). After washing, we proceed to treat the areas with a specific disinfectant for each case (Bactericide, fungicides, viricides, generic disinfectants ...). It is important to follow a strict protocol, with more emphasis in places where food is handled, since malpractice can trigger very serious problems in public health. In all disinfections we carry out a «Service Certificate»,.

We are a company approved by Health , we use disinfection methods that are respectful with the environment and people. We work with all types of establishments . Find out without obligation or request your free inspection , to give you an initial diagnosis. Leave a form and you will have an immediate budget , in less than 24 hours, We Provide corona disinfection Services, House sanitizing Services, Home disinfection Spray, COVID-19 disinfecting in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi Rawalpindi and Pakistan

Why choose us for Corona Disinfection?

We Believe on Quality service. Our main objective is quality and customer service, with a technical department made up of chemists, pharmacists, engineers and biologists, and a qualified applicator staff continuously trained in customer service, prevention and technical aspects. Our goal is to offer highly specialized care at a very competitive price.

Contact us and consult our corona disinfection service in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi and all over the Pakistan . You will get a budget as soon as possible without any kind of commitment. If it is about quality and health, we are your best option!

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